Legal challenge to #FixTheCMS

Legal challenge to #FixTheCMS


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Gingerbread, alongside the Good Law Project and Mumsnet, is supporting four women who have issued a Letter Before Claim to notify the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) of their intention to seek Judicial Review due to the failure by the CMS to collect child maintenance payments from their children’s non-resident parent, leaving them and their children in financial difficulty and, in some cases, in poverty.

Why we are supporting this legal challenge

Gingerbread has long campaigned for improvements to the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) to ensure that children’s right to financial support is upheld.

Child maintenance (sometimes referred to as ‘child support’) is vital for separated families and the well-being of children.

Academic research has found that in the UK, for children of single parents, who are both in poverty and not receiving maintenance, child maintenance payments actually being received would lift them out of poverty in around 60% of all cases. 

Children growing up in poverty is unacceptable, especially when government has the resources at its disposal to change it. This challenge will seek to ensure the CMS puts these resources to good use.

Children deserve better and urgent action is needed to #FixTheCMS.

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